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Natural Dyeing Kit
Natural Dyeing Kit
Natural Dyeing Kit
Natural Dyeing Kit
Natural Dyeing Kit
Natural Dyeing Kit

Natural Dyeing Kit

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Check out this new kit!  If you've only thought about natural dyeing or if you've played around a bit and are overwhelmed with where to start on your own. This kit come with all the basics to get you going. With the supplies below, you'll be able to dye more than 1.5 lbs (50+oz) of fabric.

Along with very thorough instructions, this kit comes with:

4oz Sappanwood

6oz Myrobalan

5oz Cutch

3oz Marigold

3oz Madder

2.5oz Palash


1.5oz / 42g Calcium Carbonate aka Chalk

2oz / 56g Sodium Carbonate aka Alkaline

1.5oz / 42g Citric Acid

1oz / 28g Ferrous Sulfate aka Iron

6oz / 170g Aluminum Potassium Sulfate aka Alum

additional add on Calcium Acetate and extra Chalk


Alum is best used when working with protein fibers (silk/wool) while Calcium Acetate can be used with it to prepare cellulose fibers (hemp, cotton, linen). Though cutch and myrobalan you can use alone OR to help dye your cellulose fibers.


Estimated Dye Weights

small cotton bandana 1oz/28g

large cotton bandana and standard silk bandana 1.5oz/43g

standard linen bandana 3oz/85g 

medium cotton Tshirt 5oz/142g

1 yard light weight fabric 5oz/142g

1 yard medium weight fabric 10oz/284g

1 yard heavy weight fabric 20oz/567g