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Waxed Fabric Wraps

Waxed Fabric Wraps

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Package contains one 13" x 10" (sizes may vary because they are hand cut)

Beacon Candle Company;
"Hand made beeswax wraps to be used as an alternative to plastic wrap. Re-usable, better for the environment and they save you money!

STOP buying plastic wrap.

Wrap half an onion, half a lemon, a crusty loaf of bread, and fruits and vegetables., dishes, bowls, pots, anything you use plastic or tin wrap you can use my Zero waste wraps.

INCLUDING CUT AVOCADO (and it will stay fresh for days)

Bee’s Wrap is washable in cold water, reusable and compostable. the heat of your hands is enough to mold them in whatever shape you need.

Our wraps only contain 100% bees wax and Jojoba oil for softness. I do not add Pine/Gum resin to my products.

Love your waste free lifestyle and love your planet."