Cochineal Dyed Cotton Voile Scarf w/ Goat Block Print

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60"x 60" cotton voile

First hand dyed in a very light cochineal dye bath. Cochineal are little beetles, so vegans be warned. They have been used for over 3,000 years by Aztecs and Mayans and are still collected from cacti to use as dye and food coloring. Cochinilla!

After pearl stitching the edges in natural white colored thread, it's then block printed.

Hand carved, from original artwork of a billy goat, on a linoleum block. The artwork is from a series of sketches of mine inspired by an old advertisement I found for many animal masks that some old men’s club member would potentially buy to wear over their whole head. I don’t know why. I also have a donkey and sheep block, but there were a bunch of different animals. Some sort of weird secret society stuff.

To finalize the piece is "heat set" or cured, so that the ink is washable. The fabric is light weight and easily hand washed, and think for a quick line dry, which I always suggest to prolong the life of any fiber piece.

Only one. One of a kind.