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Virtual Intro to Blockprinting on Textiles Workshop

Virtual Intro to Blockprinting on Textiles Workshop

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In this class you'll have access to a 90 minute HD film of process, explanation and demonstration. We carve a soft carve block and then print a repeat pattern on fabric.

The class can be booked any time, and the monthly online meeting can be scheduled based on when you sign up. That way it can be booked as a gift and there won't be pressure to rush and get through it. I know that sometimes things get in the way of our plans and WHO KNOWS what will get in the way!

When you sign up, you will be sent a pdf of the class' syllabus and I will email you a sign-in page with a link, that will bring you to the class page. If it is a gift, please write me in the notes section at checkout.

The class page has the full video, the step by step process written, and also a comments box that I will monitor daily for any questions that might pop up. The comment box is public for other students to also see in case someone comes up with a question that can benefit all. The virtual meet up will be mid-month and you can choose a weekday or weekend date.

See below for the videos intro to see what to expect! (Kyle not in it, but he can come to zoom meeting.)

DECEMBER ZOOM: Choose one of two dates for follow up Zoom meeting! Work through the class on your own, and then show off your work during our meeting and if there are further questions ask me virtually! There will be one afternoon weekday (Dec 16th 3pm) scheduled and one morning weekend date (Dec 19th 11am) and more if needed. You will also be able to comment on the video link if you have questions while you're watching. I may have a delay responding to them, but it may be helpful for others to see them.

You'll have access to the video for the entire month, and probably longer, and you'll have the pdf document with written instructions to refer back to. I will have to clear out sign ups for future students to view the class page.

For the class you will need a block to carve, carving tool, ink (any colors you choose), brayer, and fabric to print on. If you click "With All Supplies" option you get the class for free! You can also participate with what you already have or can get locally (please shop small business in your neck of the woods!). If you have Some of the items, you can pick and choose what you need and add any extra items, like fabrics to print on.

Necessary Materials List (comes "With All Supplies" option)

Brayer (smooth foam with metal handle)

Moo Carve Blocks (4"x4" will be class demo material size. Other sizes available.)

Inks (primaries, black, white) choose any on your own

Carving Tool

33"x38" Extra Large Tea Towel

Tracing Paper (given), Graphite Pencil (who doesn't have a pencil?)


Recommended Additions Materials List

Baron (helps to press your block. Especially helpful printing on paper or those who have issues with their wrists.)

Measuring Tape

Tailors Chalk


Optional Additions

Linoleum (if you want to attempt)

Other Brayers 

Larger Inks

Blanks (T-shirts to Yardage) Pillowcases anyone?