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VIRTUAL Mordanting for Natural Dyes
VIRTUAL Mordanting for Natural Dyes

VIRTUAL Mordanting for Natural Dyes

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The most important and essential step when dyeing with nature is mordanting.

Four types of mordanting techniques are shown for protein and cellulose fibers, including Alum, Aluminum Acetate and "dunging," Tannins, and even Soy Milk.

You'll receive a download of the entire video series and access to a private blog page with all videos and instructions. Take it at your own speed. The video quality isn't great :-) but the information is good, thorough, and extremely organized.





Fabric Preparation

Aluminum Potassium Sulfate

Calcium Acetate (or actual Alum Acetate, or Sodium Acetate)

Organic Soy Beans


Suggested Supplies (optional, additional purchase)


*Synthrapol Washing Agent

**Fabric Softener

**pH strips

*Thickening Agent (gum arabic, guar gum, etc)


Equipment (needed)

*Small Non-Reactive Pot

Medium-Large Non-Reactive Pot

1-*2 Burners

Strainer Etc

Filter ie. mesh, tshirt, stockings, muslin 

Blender (food use one is fine)

Spoon or Tongs

Measuring Spoons

Pail or Bucket

Bin or Dish

*Scale for grams/ounces