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White Linen Cotton Kimono Style Wrap with Ibex Horns

White Linen Cotton Kimono Style Wrap with Ibex Horns

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This 45% Cotton, 55% Linen woven fabric is dyed with fiber reactive dye and then hand printed with Periwinkle chickens, Mustard Yellow firework remnants, and Navy Blue ibex horns. The lining is a medium weight un-dyed 100% cotton.

My new wrap! Inspired by a traditional kimono of Japan, my simplified pattern is sort of a mix of the female and male versions, so I hope that anyone will like to wear it. This "thing to wear" is meant to drape open, but ties if you want, with pockets hidden on each side. Make sure to wear left side wrapped over right, as the opposite the wearer would be deceased. What I've loved about some historical kimono I've seen is though a pattern may be simply created from straight lines, they are a moving exhibit for some of the most amazing fabrics; hand painted, printed and/or dyed the skill of hand is so great it's hard to fathom the artisans talent. I hope my textiles do the iconic shape justice. 

Individually made, one of a kind statement piece. STANDARD size available to ship!  But it is AVAILABLE to order as a custom. Truly a one of a kind piece and a comfy easy wear.

Comes with a belt, unattached, as it's meant to be worn draped open. Two hidden pockets along the sides. 


Size Measurements Across Back

Body Width

Wrap Around Shoulder to Hem Sleeve Length
18" 36" 46" 32" 19"
Standard 23" 46" 53" 33" 19"
Plus 30" 60" 64" 34" 20"


"Across Back" measure across the back of your shoulders

"Wrap Around" measure a cord around your back and cross right hand to left hip, left hand to right hip

"Sleeve Length" starts below shoulder. Extra long so you may cuff.