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Intro Screenprinting Workshop

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Learn how to silkscreen your own design! 

Have you ever wondered what it means for something to be screenprinted? In this class you will work with your own design, but it will be prepared on a screen for you before hand. In the "Learn All" "Tshirt" and "Textile" printing series we create the screens together. In this intro class we work on Just the printing. You can print on almost anything! You can bring in textiles or papers and some sample materials are provided. More info with sign up email, make sure to read it carefully!

Each student will be asked to send artwork not later than 2 days before your class. The artwork instructions will be sent as soon as you sign up. The artwork must be solid black and no larger than 7.5" x 13." While the artwork should be ONE color, you may print with a few different colors while in class.


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